16 July 2012

Second Creed : Aventus

This is the second Creed I bought (the first one being Green Irish Tweed). I don't have much to say about it, I've worn it twice so far. I do like it a lot, to me it's a dad's smell, a very upscale one mind you, no cheap shaving cream.

Mercifully I seldom pick the pineapple note, I'm not a big fan of the fruit or the smell. I do pick the red fruit note as well as jasmine. It lasts a freakingly long time on me (and my clothes). I'm not entirely conviced it is worth the price paid but I have nothing to complain about for now. No compliment or snarky remark from anybody to report, I have no idea how the sillage fares.

I'll test drive Aventus this winter, and maybe I'll feel inspired to write a full review. As if necessary !

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