24 July 2012

Mandragore by Annick Goutal

Mandrake, really ? The witchcraft staple, its sinister reputation and hallucinogen properties ? The fetid smell of the plant ? This is oh so not Goutal's comfort zone! But with such notes as bergamot, mint, bitter orange peel, ginger, pepper, anise and mandrake powder, this one might be gentler than expected. And sure enough, on first snif you may say fairies (a la True Blood) nectar more than dark mage elixir.

I have been living with this odd perfume for two years now. I like the fact the juice is exactly not what the name suggest, I like the green blast you get in the first hour. I love anise, and get plenty in the fume, I like the way it stays close to the body but could be smelled all day (serious spraying required though), the intriguing mix of herbs,spice and citrus, I like the iris playing hide and seek, the pale woody drydown and the shadow it leaves on my clothes. It took me time to fully love Mandragore and now I will never be without it. Addicted, yes.

Speaking of addiction ... Green scent ... fairies... Absinthe, the green fairy ? Well you can indulge on Mandragore, it will not make you crazy, but I can't vouch for its bewitching quality!

Final thoughts, folklore related : any witch who may comes your way smelling this way would receive a warm welcome, any which way (I'd rather have a sorcerer myself. Oh well)

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  1. Love the picture )) and the perfume ^^.
    Congrats for the blog.