05 July 2012

In praise of Eau Sauvage

First things first, I don't write about Eau Sauvage trying to say things that haven't been said already. Everybody knows Eau Sauvage, or knows at least someone who wears Eau Sauvage.It is a towering masterpiece from classical french perfumery, a stroke of genius orchestrated by Edmond Roudnitska in 1966, and still a tremoundous commercial success.

My point : what is Eau Sauvage nowadays ? Has it been damaged due to european restrictions on various raw materials ? Yes. Has it been changed to save a few bucks in the process? No. Has it been reformulated in a hurry ? No. Is it still wearable ? Definitely.

The appeal of Eau Sauvage lies in both the seamless morphing and the discretion. First the giant citrus-green-aromatics slap in the face, then the skanky vibe from the heart and then the semi-chypre/vetiver drydown that hoovers around you for hours. This juice really loves the skin. Whether the gorgeous floral heart is (sadly thruth to be told) gone or not, it still works. As Mathilde Laurent said during a french radio show last Christmas, you either have a changed Eau Sauvage or no Eau Sauvage at all. I'll take the changed one, no question. Until Eau Sauvage is totally deformed, I'll wear it.

Highly recommended year-round and something to enjoy everyday to remenber what a good perfume truly is.

PS: yes it's a Dzing bottle in the background. Yes, I have several bottles of perfume scattered around my place. Here is some realness for you.

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