28 June 2012

Acqua Di Parma Colonia

This famous and respectable (1916) italian eau de cologne is my choice as a scent of the day.

It is a simple composition really: sicilian citrus, restrained classical flowers and powdery musks. Feels more like smooth flowery-powdery light eau de toilette than a pick-me up eau de cologne, it isn't as refreshing. You've got to be trigger-happy to enjoy the full Colonia experience and the exquisite musky (slightly ambery) drydown will last all day.

The ancillary product line is excellent, the powder soap is highly recommanded because really unusual, and the scent is declined in their famous shaving line. Colonia is a bit pricey but well worth the money, done with taste and style. A word of caution, this one is not particularly suited for the young crowd and come to think of it, probably won't please young people raised on aquatics and other fruitchoulis. A must have nonetheless, along with Eau D'Orange Verte by Herm├Ęs and whatever Guerlain eau de cologne you may like.

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