22 June 2012

Envy For Men by Gucci - Mass Seduction Weapon

First Tom Ford for Gucci masculine release (1998), subtlety is not the point but what a fume ! About subtlety, the ads weren't exactly shy about showing some ass and nipple; you're doing porno chic or not.

Juice-wise, except for the ginger fireworks at the start this is pretty linear, which is not always a bad thing.While smelling Envy For Men you're supposed to meet cedar, patchouli, opoponax, amber, cardamom, star anise, nutmeg and pimento, in no particular order.

Great staying power, great sillage and projection, uber sensual of course. This eau de toilette is aptly named. Not that you'll feel like Batman or like a million bucks but this is very comfortable and sexy, meaning you'll feel more confident thus more attractive.

This one got me many (many!) compliments when I was wearing it regularly, 10 years ago (ouch) : during classes, evenings, in the street by (almost) complete strangers. I was asked countless time by friends and acquaintances what I was wearing, and at one point everybody wore this stuff. I decided to stop my affair with it.

Attention people : this guy is a bit Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. On a good day, this is absolutely fantastic. On a bad day (too hot, too humid, too much), this is going to end with some rubbing alcohol and some serious scrubbing (don't even think about the shower, Envy is waterproof)

Unfortunaltely Gucci has ceased production, for at least a year now, throw yourself at the bottle if you find one. For another type of massive (sensual) ginger overdose, you could also have your eyes on Five O'Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

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