25 June 2012

Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

TF ? Again ?

This past weekend I've been sampling a bunch of juices I may buy, including quite a few Tom Ford's. One of them is Bois Marocain in the Private Blend line. It's in its way out, and so far it hasn't received much love from the fragrance community. I thought it deserved another try.

This is a very dry woody incense in the Comme des Garçons Series 3 style, not very demanding, good for autumn, winter and spring. Basically what you get is dry cedar and sharp resinous frankincense, plus towards the extreme drydown some odd musky base (that's what I get from the paper strip). However on skin it shows it's good nature, and thankfully the musky base melts with your own smell instead of screaming "Hey! Fixative all ground!"

I'm wondering if I'm really willing to plunk the cash for a twice a year craving, even if it's going to be a collectible soon (which obviously increase my desire to possess it). I may be able to live with just my small decant. Thoughts welcome.

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