05 October 2012

Fall top 10 - Mainstream

I dash into the precarious exercise of the top 10 today. I chose to make two, one for the mainstream category and one the niche/limited ditribution category. Today I give you the mainstream top 10. In no particular order

Héritage (Guerlain) - because I like my patchouli smooth and dignified. Just a tad old-school which is always a plus in my book

Antaeus (Chanel) - a difficult choice betweene this guy and Egoiste (the original 1990 one), but Antaeus won because in the end it felt best suited for fall. Dessicated leather, oversized violet, mean clary sage, all rough edges.

Miss Dior (Christian Dior) - the 1947 one, now called Miss Dior Original. Like all great chypres from the good old days, Miss Dior is unisex, I think. Galbanum, oakmoss and patchouli, what's not to like ?

Black (Bvlgari) - let me introduce you to Guylimar, wonderful concoction of rubbery leather, mutant rose and smoky vanilla. Deadly weapon.

Gucci Pour Homme - Cedar chips galore, very 70s bombastic sillage fume, humanized by cumin (yes, a touch of BO) and made classy by iris. Wear brown and beige with it.

Minuit Noir (Lolita Lempicka) - liquorice and coffee were amped up in the flanker to achieve a great effect, combined with the very precise violet smell of the original. Wonderful.

Jicky (Guerlain) - you can't go wrong with Jicky. Period.

Bottega Veneta - Probably the best mainstream release from 2011. This one sits halfway between a fruity chypre and a soft suede. Fall in a bottle

Terre D'Hermès - if you can stomach the opening, go for it. This shape-shifter vetiver still feel interesting and new 6 years after it's release.

Fahrenheit Absolute (Christian Dior) - incense, myrrh, oud and the violet from the original Fahrenheit mingles into this molotov cocktail to wear on a day you're so full of life you could set fire to any heart along your way.


  1. What about Lee cascades de Rochas ?

  2. I love Terre d'Hermès but you have me thinking of Gucci pour Homme as an alternate
    What are your top 10 fragrances by celebrities?